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National Event Welfare Service has been providing professional welfare and safeguarding support to some of the UK's leading events, concerts and festivals for nearly 30 years

"We have worked with the National Events Welfare  Service team on site at Reading Festival since 1995. The team has grown alongside us, not only providing us with the reassurance of quality welfare care for our festival-goers, but assisting with the development and progression of welfare policies as part of the event. No matter the weather, or any sudden trouble-shooting we have to deal with, the welfare team are always there as a constant, reliable care service."

Festival Republic


“Corinne and the team at NEWS provide an invaluable service on site at adult and family festivals alike. They provide a tailored service based on assessment of the audience demographic and artist profile, so we can be totally confident that our attendees’ welfare needs are being met. NEWS staff work seamlessly with our medical providers on site to take the pressure of non-medical patients from the medical centre and into the safety the welfare centre, and also refer welfare patients to medical wherever needed and without delay. 

Corinne’s wealth of knowledge and experience means she brings almost every item of welfare collateral an event attendee could possibly need”

Amy Newhouse, GradIOSH,
Event Safety Advisor


"With over 30 years’ in the business, there is not much that Corinne Lane, the Senior Co-ordinator of National Event Welfare Service does not know about event welfare – they provide the essential missing link between event visitors and medical services and in many instances can take a great deal of pressure off the medical teams with the welfare service they provide. 

National Event Welfare Service use only the best fully trained staff consisting of social workers, drug and alcohol workers, health care professionals, mental health professionals, youth workers, carers and educators

The work carried out is very demanding, stressful and at times distressing, an absolutely essential service provided by one of the best organisations in the sector.
I have no hesitation in recommending Corinne and her team at National Event Welfare Service."


Chris Hannam, FIIRSM, Grad IOSH, AMIIAI 

Event Health and Safety Consultants
and Training Providers


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