We are not affiliated to any religious group or political party. We are totally neutral. Our role is to work closely with other teams on site, providing emotional and practical support to those in need of it.


This includes:

  • general welfare, practical assistance, information
    and advice.

  • a substance use harm minimisation service, i.e. drugs and alcohol advice and support - this include drugs formerly known as 'legal highs' (now known as Novel Psychoactive Substances) We provide a safe calming environment for people to recover from the effects of substance use.

  • a sexual health advice and support service.

  • an active listening and be-friending service.

  • a messages service and a means of complaining
    or giving feedback to the organisers.

  • disability support.

  • a lost & found property service, including help and support cancelling cards, phones etc and arranging transport home.

  • eviction support.

  • crime support.

  • care and help for distressed and missing people
    and we also provide a lost children/vulnerable
    adult service.

  • a monitored rest and recovery area, in close liaison with the on-site medical team.

National Event Welfare Service is a team of well-respected professionals with over 20 years' experience on the circuit.

We are recruited from professions such as: psychiatric and general nurses, doctors, counsellors and IAPT practitioners, first responders & emergency crew, drug and alcohol workers, youth workers, social workers and safeguarding practitioners and youth offending teams. But most importantly, caring, sensible and approachable people who are good with all ages who need assistance and support. We all enjoy festivals, so we understand the kinds of situations that may occur.


We are on site and on hand 24/7 for festival customers, whatever the weather! 

We can hold a site feedback book, if required, and act as an on-the-ground monitor for identifying potential problems before they occur. We act as an advocacy bridge between people needing welfare support and other on or off site agencies.

Part of the Senior Co-ordinator’s role is to keep fully updated on HSE, WHO and NICE legislation to maintain high standards of service, in which the team are fully briefed. She is a member of the Safety Advisors Group in Entertainment (SAGE) and the Production Services Association.

Are you a festival promoter or other event organiser? Are you considering your need for a professional welfare service? Then please get in touch by clicking here. We can provide you with a tailor-made risk assessment for your event and help with HSE, Licensing and Safeguarding compliance in the planning stage.

The Senior Co-ordinator of N.E.W.S., Corinne Lane, has been working in the Events Industry since 1987 covering every role from stewarding, to medical (mental health), event production, and even performing. She has worked at and attended hundreds of events. However, her primary role has been to provide professional and caring Welfare services. In 1995, she set up Reading Welfare Point to provide a welfare team to Reading Festival. Some years later, as the demand for the team’s services grew across the UK, the team’s name was amended to National Event Welfare Service. ‘We cover all points of the compass’, she explains.

Corinne also worked full time as a counsellor from 1990 to 2007 and achieved the level of Senior Registered Psychotherapist. In 2001 she gained an MA in Psychoanalytic Theory from Goldsmiths College, London. Her final year dissertation explored the dynamics of festival crowd behaviour. In her private practice, she worked very closely with local authority statutory agencies and was frequently called upon to provide major incident de-briefs. She also continued to work in a voluntary capacity to the local youth counselling agency providing training and clinical supervision to newer volunteers.

Her final role there was as Acting Agency Director before retiring from counselling and choosing a gentler pace of life in the West Country.

Her many years of industry experience across the board have given her a profound insight into not only how events and festivals work, but also the need for a good relationship with their local Licensing authority. She remains passionate about the provision of an excellent standard of care to festival customers and takes an active role in the development of good industry protocol.



Corinne Lane

Senior Co-ordinator